Grouping, or "nesting" fields inside an object

In Prismic, I know that "type" : "Group" can be used to nest a repeatable group of fields. Is there a way to nest a non-repeatable group of fields? For example, let's say I'm creating a test with 10 repeating questions, but I only need to allow for one essay. Consider the example below:

"Test": {
	// Questions can be repeatable
	"questions" : {
		"type" : "Group",
		"config" : {
			"label": "Questions",
			"fields": {
				"question": {},
				"answer": {}
	// Essay should not be repeatable, only allow 1 a
	"essay" : {
		"type": "???", // <- What type do I use here?
		"config": {
			"label": "Essay",
			"fields": {
				"prompt": {},
				"help-text": {}

When I access data.questions I'll get an array of questions, but how can I make it so data.essay only gives me a single object, instead of an array of them? Is there a way to achieve this either through the "Build mode", or JSON editor?

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In fact, for such a use case we recommend using slices as it gives more flexibility.

Can you explain how different is Q&A (FAQ) from what you are trying to achieve?


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In fact, you need to set the key config.repeat to false if you don't want the group field to be repeatable.

For more info please check this article.

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Hi @Fares,

When I use config.false, the UI on document screen hides the button to "add" a new row, which means I cannot add even a single row of fields. Unless I'm missing something?

Hi Jordan,

Well, it depends on your use case, this thread is actually about adding a nonrepeatable group field, is that is what you are looking for?