How are document filter dropdowns sorted in the UI?

Hello! I'm trying to make the Prismic UI as simple and navigable as possible for our content creators/editors. Do I have any control over how the document filter dropdown choices are ordered? Collection, type, tags, and authors would all benefit from an intuitive sort order.

Alphabetical ordering would be nice because it would give me a simple way to control the presentation and for end users to intuit the sorted results; I understand that this approach might have limitations for an international user base, though. Do I have any control over this sorting at all today (even indirectly, by backend id, last updated, etc.)?

Thanks for bringing this up. At the moment, it is not possible to control the order of appearance of the filter lists. They are ordered from oldest to newest. The best thing you can do is combine all the filtering methods to search through your documents.

This could be a good implementation for the future, so I will mark it as a feature request.

Thanks, Pau! I understand that documents are sorted by last updated descending, but that doesn't appear to be the case for options in the filter dropdowns. For example, in the screenshot I shared, I'm pretty sure that the topmost type (Energy 101 Topic) is older than the type below it (Page). I just wanted to make sure that my feature request is understood as a request for an intuitive/controllable order for the dropdown choices rather than the documents themselves.

Now that I'm thinking about it, I'd suggest similar sorting capability or display logic for the New document > Choose custom type dropdown. Content creators see this listed every time they create a new document, and the newest type isn't always what they're most likely to need. In fact, the newest type may not be ready for widespread use. Alphabetical ascending order isn't perfect, but it's at least intuitive and gives people a way to customize order without a complicated UI.

Hey Dan, we understand your proposal. We'll add your additional comments to the feature request. Thanks for taking the time to send us feedback.

I missed specifying that they are accommodated by the timestamp of changes. From the oldest Custom Type to the most recently edited.

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Thanks again, Pau! If the custom types are indeed ordered by last updated (descending), then that at least gives me a hacky way to control them. Thank you for clarifying how the current UI works!

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