How can I make a page non-searchable on Google?

I have created this page on Prismic and I would like to make it non-searchable on Google. I was trying to find a way to do it on Prismic but I cannot find it. Any help would be appreciated.

Hello @ideen.taeb

Thanks for posting this question. Unfortunately, we don't have granular control on non-searchable property on google. But I found some solutions based on this document:
(noindex を使用して検索インデックス登録をブロックする | Google 検索セントラル  |  Google Developers)

In Prismic:
Add a different tab in a Custom Type like SEO and add a meta_title and a Boolean field to this tab. Make the Boolean field by default as true. Where you want non-searchable on google to make it false.

On the Front end:
You get the Boolean field true/false in API response from Prismic, add validation to check its value, and apply the meta property/response-headers for it.

Let me know if you have further questions.