How can i solve: get addrinfo EAI_AGAIN prismic cdn error

Hello there!

On my company we use prismic as our main CMS plataform. We have close to 10 sites in prismic.

Our infrastructure is around a kubernets cluster.

In this week, we're getting this error:

2023-08-31T18:02:22-03:00 Error on getStaticProps on ProductCategory page FetchError: request to failed, reason: getaddrinfo EAI_AGAIN

On all of our websites. We need to solve it because, the website pages are getting or 404 status or 500, because prismic data was not fetched.

How can we solve it? Is there something that we can do?

We use the prismic sdk, and it never happened in the past, just started two weeks ago.

And see that on this prismic:, we haven't used 30% of our cdn bandwidth.

Hi @telco.pls ,

Welcome to the community, I'll be happy to help!

So I checked our logs on the repo and there's no errors on our side over the last month, so it seems likely this is a proxy issue on your side:

If you can't find anything else about this, come back and we'll see if we can help.