How do I indent the first word in a paragraph?

The prismic editor does not accept the tab character so I assume I need to add it in the htmlSerializer somehow.

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The Prismic editor does accept tab characters, but the tab key doesn't work because it moves the cursor to the next field.

Here's what a tab looks like in the API response:

To insert a tab character, you could copy-paste your text into the field. Alternatively, you could configure an auto-replace in your keyboard settings to insert tabs as needed. This is what that might look like on a Mac:

Having said that, there are good reasons to indent using CSS. It gives you more control over where and how you want to indent your text. I think that the best way to do this is with CSS's ::first-letter pseudo-selector. Here's an example.

Finally, if you want more fine-grained control, you could use Custom Labels to add styling to specific text spans.

Let me know if you want more info about any of these options. I hope this is helpful :slight_smile:


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