How to add a hamburger icon?

I'm sorry for such a simple question, new still learning
I'm trying to build a single type for a header, sidebar and a menu

first of all this is how my header is structured

i added an image to represent the svg on the left side to serve as the company logo that is correct or what type choose i use for the svg?

second the hamburger menu
I want to just build each line separately with 3 spans or 3 divs to represent each line so i can animate them later and when i click on it it will open the menu and the icon will change how should I structure this on prismic

Hello @1.0, thanks for reaching out.
You can structure the content modeling of your Custom Types using an Image Field and Key Text or [Rich Text fields](https://Rich Text and Titles) for the remaining elements of the menu. The positioning and styling of the component are managed on the front-end of your project. Learn more about content modeling:

I am also trying to insert hamburger icon in my script but still facing error of not file occur. please give me suggestion.

Hey @jmarshal558, can you show us the error you're getting?

I'm still little bit unsure how to do this, since i want to use inline svg for the menu icon should i add a key text and just leave it empty, little confused how to do it

Hello @1.0. The images you shared appear on your project's UI. This is something that needs to be handled on the front-end of your site. Do you have access to the code base?

Thank you so much for your patience, I understand i need to handle this on the front end, what I mean is how can i put a field to serve as an inline svg ? like usually i will add a key text or an image with specific content, but is that case I just want an empty field because I want to add an inline svg, it's not just for the menu I want to know what field should I use for any inline svg icon

here is another example

so to model this i will add a text for landscape and a text for the project description, but for the arrow it will be an inline-svg icon what field should I use?

sorry for this long response, and again thank you so much for your patience

I'm happy to help!
You can add an Image field. Can you share the JSON structure of your Custom Type so I can get an idea of your model?

I'm sorry I don't understand if I'm failing to deliver my question, I'm asking how to do it, still I didn't model anything what should i use for inline svg, image is just an image I want to add an inline svg for the arrow

let me show my screen, just a moment

Thanks @jmarshal558.

@1.0, Images are added to the media library, and from there, your Prismic document can host any type of images you add to the Image field. The appearance and order of the content is handled in the front-end of your project. Do you have access to the code?