How to add an image preview to the shared slices using Content Types API?

Hey! I've recently been using the Custom Types API to manage shared slices which is great, but I've been unable to correctly set either an icon or a preview image thus far.

The documentation briefly shows the concept of an imageUrl field on the JSON schema for the SharedSlice, but it doesn't appear to work once it's pushed.

What's the property we'll need to set on the SharedSlice to actually change that preview? Or alternatively, how can I set an icon?

Aaaand just as I posted I figured it out. You need to set the imageUrl within the variations in order for it to work, not outside the variations as shown on the docs.

Hey @services, thanks for reaching out.

That was a nice catch. You do need to add the imageUrl as part of the variations. I've added a ping on the backlog to update the documentation so that this can be clearer.

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