Custom-type and slice reusability


We are looking to simplify and reduce duplication of custom-type and slice setup.


  • Create a shared library of commonly used components across multiple pages
  • Shared components are accessible to multiple team members
  • Updating those shared components will propagate changes everywhere without manual intervention

We’ve identified that point 1 is possible with ‘slices’, but we haven’t found a solution that covers all 3.

Can you advise the best way we might achieve this?



What about creating an internal NPM package?

Hey Tom, thanks for reaching out!

let's go over each one of the cases:

  • As you've discovered 'shared slices' are possible thanks to the Slice library. Slices you've saved here will be available in all other Custom types and also in all other repositories you own!

  • Right now the only way to grant or limit access to other team members using User roles, which is available starting from professional plans. For Basic plans all uses have administrator rights.

  • When you update a Slice, this won't be automatically updated in the Slice Library, you need to manually replace it for the changes to be reflected.

You could also do a 'manual backup'. You can keep a copy of the custom types in your codebase as it's reflected there in the code and use github to version control your custom types. You can read more about that here:

And, if you have accidentally deleted a custom type, you can retrieve it.

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