Easy duplication the slices within custom type

Feature Idea (one per thread):

Easily duplicate slices in a custom type.

Issue that it solves:

Often we will be in need of slices with some fields which will be similar to other existing slice. Why not duplicate it with a single click?
It solves the problem of recreating slices from scratch in cases where the fields are same(ditto), slice name will change and template design will change.

Hi Ruchika,

Thanks for the idea.

We are in the early stages of research of a feature that would resolve this issue for you. It's not 'Duplication of Slices', but something similar which will solve the issue mention above.

Once we have more information about this I'll let you know here.

A good option for duplicating your Slices right now would be to use the Slice Library feature:

You can save your Slice and re-add to make your new Slice.


This is being tracked as an open feature request.

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