Nuxt JS project reusing custom type slices

Hello everyone. I have the following custom types - Custom type and Post
I want to create a new type called Nested page and reuse existing slices inside.
But when I try to create new type via slice machine I can't to add slices from Post type, they are all Non shared. See the screen below please:

Hello @marketing3

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You can add any Slice to any Custom type in the Prismic UI if you already pushed Slices to Prismic.
Go to your Repository -> Nested Page Custom Type -> open the SliceZone toggle -> click on Add a Slice button. You will see a pop-up layout with the Shared Slice tab (Screenshot attached). In the Shared Slice tab, you will find all the Slices you pushed from Prismic Slice Builder to the Prismic UI.

Screen Shot 2021-12-17 at 11.38.19

Let me know if you still don't find Slices in the Shared tab.


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Can I add slices from "From this repository" tab?

Yes, you can also add the Slices From this Repository tab. Certainly from the Shared Slices tab. Find more detail here. Will you be not able to add slices?