How to bulk remove/replace an image?

We want to replace an image with a new one at multiple pages. How is it possible to do ? We tried multiple methods. Doing it via JSON is one of them, here are the issues -

  1. Inconsistent Behaviour - Tried to import JSON’s after editing and was showing in the preview Document but was not reflected in the original document after publishing.

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  1. Need exact same dimensions for all copies of a single image? - For 1 single image there 3-4 variations present in a single document. So not possible to directly use find and replace for this as those dimensions vary.
    Solutions :-
    A. Will exact same dimensions solve this issue?
    B. Even if it solves this, would I be able to see the reflected changes once I publish the doc or is it a whole different issue (Loom 1) to this?

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  1. Maintainability questions regarding this feature - Seems to be a bug when I click on “release” cta after importing, nothing happens and if open in a new tab, the page looks crashed.

Hi Richa,

Thanks for sharing these detailed screen recordings! That really helps me to understand your issue.

It looks like you have discovered a bug in our Import/Export tool. Based on what I can see, it seems like you're doing everything correctly.

Question: After you import the documents but before you publish the release, does the CapitalOne logo appear in the draft version of the document?


No it doesn’t appear on the draft version of the doc before publishing, but it does appear in preview document after importing (as shown in the video).

Hi @richa1 ,

This seems like a bug, I've reported it to the team, but unfortunately, I don't have a workaround for this.

We will be releasing a beta API to make these changes soon, which should hopefully make this easier. We'll let everyone know when that's available.