Update every documents at once?

I'm using a custom type for all my documents. In this custom type, I added an image with a defined width of 1200px. So all my images in all my documents (more than 200+) have this width.
Now, I want to update this width and set an other. I did it on the custom-type, but all the document kept the same 1200px width.

Is there a way to update all the documents at once instead of editing manually each of them, remove the old image and add again the new one with new width?

Thanks everyone

Hi @Yoopies ,

Welcome to the community; I'll be happy to help :slight_smile:

There's currently no way to perform bulk updates to documents using the editor. The issue here is that after you've updated the custom type, every document using that image field will need to be republished to trigger your update. This is for data stability reasons; if a change in a custom type could cause changes in hundreds of documents, it might break a lot of pages.

The only way to bulk-update those images would be to use the import and export (available on the medium plan); using that feature, you could reimport the same documents to trigger a republish on all of them.

Otherwise, it's like you stated that each document will need to be updated individually.

Let me know if you have any questions.