New responsive view - Do I need to re-set every images?

I added a new “Responsive view” to my image configuration, but I noticed that I must re-set every image in order to generate this new version. Since we’re talking about a large number of images, is there a workaround I’m not aware of?
Thank you so much!

Hi Lorenzo,

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Yes, unfortunately you will new to re-add the images to trigger the update for the new image view in your documents.

This is because the when a document is published it takes a ‘snapshot’ of the content at that time, so new changes made to the custom type after this point will not be automatically added. This is to protect projects from breaking changes being made in the custom types.

For any NEW documents that you create after this, the new image view will be automatically set, it’s only for pre-existing documents that you would get this issue.

The only work around would be to use the import/export feature to trigger all the new views. It might be as easy as exporting and immediately re-importing. Though you would have to test that to be sure.

I just tested this. It should work if you simply export and re-import everything.

EDIT: I checked again and it seems any cropping and zooming is reset with this method so please be aware of that.

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