"Responsive Views" Broken - Bug Adding Images

We have a Custom Type which includes an image. This image is used as a banner and is configured to accept 3 different "responsive views" - one for desktop, one for mobile and one for our app. This allows us to use a separate image for each view.

Up until a few days ago this was working perfectly, but today upon attempting to add a mobile image we discovered that it overwrites the desktop image. And so we go back to the desktop image and replace that, only to find it has overwritten the mobile image. Previously we were able to use a separate image for each device type. This means that we can no longer update the banner on our website homepage for a promo happening today.

EDIT: This only seems to affect the new editor. The "Legacy Editor" works fine.

Here is the json config for the image:

      "type" : "Image",
      "config" : {
        "constraint" : {
          "width" : 1236,
          "height" : 460
        "thumbnails" : [ {
          "name" : "mobile",
          "width" : 1000,
          "height" : 1000
        }, {
          "name" : "app",
          "width" : 1000,
          "height" : 1000
        } ],
        "label" : "Image"

Impacted feature

Adding multiple images within an "Image" type.

What steps have you taken to resolve this issue already?

Mainly tried adding/removing images in various combination to try get it to work.

EDIT: Also tried creating a new Custom Type with an image containing multiple responsive views. Same result - the editor no longer allows a separate image per view.

EDIT2: The bug disappears when using the "Legacy Editor"


No errors

Your Role

Web dev

Steps to reproduce

  • Create a "Custom Type"
  • Add an "Image"
  • Add multiple responsive views
  • Try to load different images for each "responsive view"

Hi @dean , thanks for reaching out. The team is on it and we should have a fix soon.

Hi @dean , this has been fixed. Let me know if there's anything else I can help with.