Need show Responsive(Tablet, Mobile, Desktop) banner image

Dear All

We have home page banner for my site. We need to show banner image for in responsive ( Mobile, Tablet, Desktop)
We have assigned the responsive images in Prismic with help of

But it is not appear in live site. Please help us


Hello Annadurau, welcome to the forum!

  • First, you need to check if the response is being delivered correctly. You can do so by browsing the API browser of your repository
  • Then check inside the project to see if the response is being saved and passed correctly into the component/page you’re trying to display it.

HI Paulina

Thank you for your message.

Yes we have configured correctly and added. But still not appear. Please help me for this


Hi Annadurai,

Can you send us in a private message:

  1. The URL of your repository.
  2. The UID and custom type of the document you’re trying to query.
  3. The API ID of the image that you can’t see.


Hi Phil

Yes I sent a message to you in private. Please check it and let me know


Hey again Annadurai,

I checked you api browser and can see the different ‘views’ (mobile, tablet) for the first image that you have add in the repeatable zone. Though if you look below the second image has no smaller ‘views’, after you add the different sizes in the custom type you need to make sure to remove and re-add the images in the document to trigger the different ‘views’ to be created in the document.

Let me know if this helps.