Responsive Images - can't upload separate images

Hey There,

In the slicemachine I've made 2 versions for one image, large and mobile. I want to show them dependent on the size of the screen, which is no problem and I could also select in the Prismic dashboard the 2 different images and they would work fine, until a few days ago.

Now when I try to update the mobile image, it also updates the large image, and the other way around. |
This is unexpected behavior, and I was using this functionality without any problem. I can also still access the mobile image from the API but it always updates both..

Can someone have a look into this as I wonder if this is a bug or a new feature :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hi Hendrik,

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Thanks for reporting this. This bug was identified and the team is working on a fix, you can follow that here:


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