Upload Documents API

Hey guys, i hope you doing well.

I use prismic on my work for 1 year and we often receive the request from SEO team to make large updates in our content from prismic. It's something like "I need to replace some term in whole website".

We had created some scripts for help us with it, but the worse part of this process is when we need to upload files on prismic via import feature .

It's really bad guys... Because there's a limit of 200 files per zip and this process takes so much time of us. We have created a bot in puppeteer to do it for us, but sometimes it does not work and etc... anyway...

Would be AWESOME if prismic have a upload documents api, because we could use the API for upload our documents instead of import panel.

My dream is something like "I have a endpoint on my prismic repository (like Custom type API) for update some documents by uid or etc"

Is it there in the Roadmap? What do you all think about it?

Hello @telco.pls, thanks for the feedback.

At the moment, we do not have plans to modify the performance of Import / Export.

I understand that the feature might not cover all use cases that involve bulk modifications.

That is why we have been implementing new features that cover some of these needs, like the Custom Types API and the Integration fields Write API.

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