Import from single file


can we import multiple content of same custom type from single json zip file.
if yes,then can you please provide us the json file format.

Thank You..!

Hi @ankit, yes, you can import up to 200 documents of any type in a single batch. Each document will need to be its own json file in your zip. Here is the documentation for Import/Export:

To get the JSON file format, you should export a document of that type to see what it will look like (the JSON for each type will be different so this is the best way to figure out the structure for each type).

Ok,thanks we already understand it but my query is -

can we prepare 200 documents/json files into single json file/document of same custom type for import instead of preparing 200 files into single batch.

@ankit Ah, sorry I didn’t understand your question. No, it isn’t possible to combine multiple documents into a single json file. Each document imported into Prismic needs to be its own json file.