Switching between Key Text and Rich Text

Hi Prismic People,

I have a question regarding switching text types in prismic documents. I found this article which describes exactly what we want to do with our existing document text types but since this will be major change in our prismic repo I wanted to ask for a clarification about updating existing documents.

Basically we have a lot of text types (in documents, slices etc.) that were originally created as normal text types but we love the richtext functionality and would like to change the majority of them to richtext types.

The article states that we will need to do a import/export of all our documents after we changed the text types in the documents because we can't update them all manually (we have hundreds of them).

As far as I understand this means we should do a export of all our data and then just import the resulting zip again into prismic without any changes, correct?
But the import guide here states that we will lose image positioning and crop in the import job which is a big deal for us since we use that feature a lot and we will be importing hundreds of documents here so this would be very hard to fix after I imagine.

Is this the only way of updating the switched text types in existing documents or am I missing something?

We use next.js with vercel if that helps.

Thank you for your help,

Hello @tim.richter, thanks for reaching out

You're correct; the Import / Export feature indeed carries particular limitations when using it to perform bulk updates:

So, yes, there isn't a one-size-fits-all solution to do this change. Using the Import feature or updating the docs manually both have are the downside of having to go to all of the documents again and re-adding the missing configuration.

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