Rich Text body format Import / Export Prismic

Hello there, I'm currently refactoring a blog, from wordpress to Prismic and I'm using the Import/Export functionality of Prismic.

That's where I encounter some issues. Indeed, my blog articles have Rich Text and my content model does too. When I try to import the Rich Text, the right content is showing in the import preview, but does not make it through the actual import. Here are some screenshots to help you understand the situation.

How am I suppose to declare the Rich Text bloc in order to let prismic import it correctly?


Hello @dev22

Welcome to the Prismic forum.

When you import documents your documents, will be uploaded and added to a new release. After Reviewing your new release, you can publish the doc before publishing.

Are you following the above steps?


Hello Priyanka, thank you for your answer!

Absolutely, that's what you can see on those screenshots.


Hello @dev22

Could you tell me your repo name and send me the ZIP file that you're trying to import? I'll take a look into it.


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