Does anyone have experience of bullk importing html?

I'm working on a project where I'll need to import nearly 4,000 structured records into Prismic. A number of these fields contain very basic html tags (strong, em, span). So far I've been copying and pasting text into the WYSIWYG rich text editor in the authoring UI and all formats nicely. But now I need to perform a bulk import and spotted that any html tags are described separately after the text content within the json file.

I see there is an advisory to use the Kramdown Prismic Ruby project to do the conversion, I'm reading up about it but so far have not got it to run (am new to Ruby so am being a bit slow!...).

I wondered whether anyone here has experience of running a bulk conversion process who might be able to help?

Finally, just to be sure... is there any other way to bulk load content?

Hey @andrzej, you could use Import / Export to perform a bulk change. And to make the HTML tags not get split inside the Rich Text fields, you need to add the markdown inside a field configured to accepts preformatted tex:

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