Bulk Import with translated content - markup issue

When we perform a bulk import with translated content, is there any possible way to retain the formatting of the markup?

The exported content extracts the markup (bold, italic, links) into separate nodes (spans) in the JSON. So when the JSON content is sent off for translation, the translation teams have no way of identifying where the markup is, so they simply translate the raw text nodes. Then when we import the JSON back into Prismic via the bulk import tool, the markup is now in incorrect positions, as the character length/position has changed with the translated content. See attached images.

Is there something I'm missing here? Or is this the intended functionality?

Does anyone know of a way to retain markup/formatting during a translation via the import/export tool?


Hey, @tim, thank you for bringing this to our attention.

It’s not exactly something that’s designed to be like that. It is, rather, it’s a limitation of doing bulk translations. There is currently no way to know in which index the format begins and ends.

The solution would be to perform a manual correction of the labels manually inside the documents. It could also be that the start and end values of the labels are updated manually in the JSON files, but of course, this would lead to more tedious work.