Export json missing image alt tags

I am in the process of adding another locale to our site. I have bulk exported all the content which has then been translated and then reimported using the technique listed on the blog post - Importing translated content for an existing document

This has all worked perfectly with the exception of the image alt tags which are all in the original language when I look at the new locale version of the pages in Prismic. On closer inspection is seems that image alt tags are not included in the page exports.

Is there some way of ensuring they are included in the json?

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Hey Tim, alt tags should be properly imported, and if you didn't make any changes to them they should appear as normal. Do you have any examples of what is missing on your export, are you getting any errors?


Apologies I've rechecked the json export and I can see that the alt tags are included. The issue must be with our translator's software, and not selecting to import the alt tag for translation.

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No problem, if you need help with anything else, let us know!