How to change location of SliceMachine files


I'm working on a NextJS project integrated with Prismic as a headless CMS <3.

So far everything is going well. I have a straightforward project structure and all of the project's source code lives under src/. but as I've been adding more and more to the CMS, the local folders holding the files (e.g. .slicemachine and customtypes) get ugly.

I'd like to move any Prismic-related folders and files under some more generic folder at the root level of the project, e.g. cms/ or even prismic/.

This would help keep all files organized under the same general CMS-centric folder and not scattered at the project root level.

I couldn't find such an option among the configurations, is there any solution or at least workaround to that?


Hello Stoyan

I don't have complete answers for this. I'll get back to you once I get more information from my SM team.


Hello @stoyan

Changing the location of .slicemachine and customtypes files is impossible, and there is no plan to change this at the moment. I'll add it as a feature request for future improvements.