Is it possible to move customtypes folder, slices folder and sm.json file to ./src?

I tried but it didn't work. I don't see in repository where I can change paths.

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Hey @matt7435, I haven't tried this out yet, but I'd say it's possible as long as you update the new path everywhere where it is needed.

We have found use cases where errors occur when changing the original path of the files, so we don't actively recommend it. Is there a particular reason why you'd like to move these files?

Sorry, I'm not sure this is a solution. I would also like to be able to place the customtypes directory elsewhere, in a 'prismic' directory for example. Can you explain where you would go about making this change so that slicemachine loads them up correctly? Thanks.

Hello @matt7435

Changing the location of .slicemachine and customtypes files is impossible, and there is no plan to change this. We are already tracking it as a feature request for future improvements.


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Hello @Priyanka

I would also like this feature. Like @curtis.burns28 , moving these files to a prismic directory would be ideal. The customtypes directory is the most problematic to me because its naming infers some kind of relationship with TypeScript.

Thank you