Can we provide a path to sm.json so it doesn't have to be in the root of the repository?

Our repository is an Nx Integrated Monorepo. We have a website package within that monorepo, which is based on the NextJS framework. I would like all of the Prismic slice information to live within that package folder, so I was wondering if it's possible to provide a path to the sm.json file, so that I can run the start-slicemachine script from the root of the repo (which is how Nx Integrated Monorepo's work).

I can change the location of my slices library, but the customtypes and .slicemachine folders that get genreated are still in the root of the repository.. I'm assuming that these files are generated alongside sm.json, so if I can get sm.json executing from the package directory, then these folders should also be generated within that same package folder?

Hello @luke.denton
Changing the location of .slicemachine and customtypes files is impossible, and there is no plan to change this. We are already tracking it as a feature request for future improvements.