How to Remove / Hide edit button on head ( FE ) . Pressing close (x) starts refreshing the page nonstop

How can i remove / hide the edit button on frontend. Also help me understand why page starts refreshing infinitely after pressing the close ( X ) present along with edit button


This is an open issue with chrome that we are discussing here (we will push a fix soon):

I was more interested in knowing the way to hide/remove it from head , i don't need it there cause it is shown on all the pages of my web although i'm only using prismic for few pages.
Note: I just want to hide/remove this preview module but i need preview functionality.


My error sorry. Unfortunately there is no way to hide/remove the preview module and still maintain preview functionality.

Though if you are only using prismic on a few pages you could add it just in those templates in your projects and the 404 page.

What technology are you building your project in?

ReactJs, is the technology. is there an example ?

So in our react website example we import the Helmet everywhere in the App.js file and define the toolbar script, but if you remove it from here and add it only in the Pages that use Prismic and the 404, then you will only have it on Prismic pages. :slight_smile:

Let me know if this works.

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