Prismic Preview Pop-up

Does anyone know how to remove or prevent the Primsic preview link pop-up in staging mode?

For context, the pop-up is distracting when previewing to others, and when you exit out of the pop-up, it sends the page to a 404.

I found a comment from Angelo in the prismic-gatsby repository. Maybe you're not using this framework, but this might be helpful since it's still JavaScript and React:

The toolbar is necessary to set a preview-specific cookie in the browser. Without this, previews would not be registered as being "active."

It also enables a few features:

  • Automatic refreshing when content is saved in Prismic (i.e. "live" preview sessions)
  • Share links
  • Links to edit documents used on the page

If you want to hide the toolbar from editors, you could use CSS to ensure it is invisible:

iframe[src*=""] { visibility: hidden; }

This will allow the toolbar to be present to manage the preview cookie and automatically refresh the page while having no visible UI.