Prismic Javascript preview toolbar can't leave preview mode after clicking the cancel button

Hello guys, I know that prismic uses cookies to process previews. and once in preview, we get the toolbar that sticks at the bottom left side of the screen.

The cancel button on this snackbar is meant to automatically leave the preview, (stop previewing). This has suddenly stopped worked.

Secondly, there is something I do not like about prismic preview javascript. It tracks users. it sets a tracker once it is loaded, and this is something that can implicate a website. It also loads an iframe and google font, even when it is not needed (when the browser is not in preview mode).

Well, stopping the tracker is not difficult, infact chrome now automatically removes cookies from third party request when the script has no sameSite attribute that is set to none and secure

Hello Harrison,

Could you tell me which technology are you using in your project?
And also, could you check if you have the newest version of the toolbar, you can do so by checking if the script ends up with: new=true.

Thank you for the feedback about the current behaviour of the toolbar script, we are aware that the iframe exists even when it’s not in use. But in reality, this element only works when a Preview session is initiated.

This issue has been closed due to inactivity.