How to use Prismics

I don't know how to use Prismic, I just started using it. Can someone give me a tutorial on how to use this.

I'd hate for your first post to get no responses, so allow me to suggest what might feel as "not too helpful" of a response. Rather than getting a tutorial from a forum post, might I recommend a trip over to YouTube?
Here is one sample from the Prismic team themselves (audio is out of sync):
Starting a Prismic + NextJS project

Hello Ruiz,

Welcome to the Prismic Forum, and thanks for reaching out to us.

First, I would like to thank Neil for answering and providing the best resources.

From my point of view, I'd like to know more from you @RuizMahdi; what is your objective, and what framework are you using? Have you created a Prismic repo? Our dedicated team walkthrough with a demo?
In brief,

  1. Prismic is a headless Content Management System designed to help you create and publish content.
  2. You can query and retrieve published content with a REST API and GraphQL API.
  3. An API browser is provided by all Prismic repositories so that you can test queries and see results.

I'd recommend you to go through our developer documentation: Developer Documentation - Prismic

Let me know if you have any further questions.


I have, Does it hosts on the prism domain or here

Hello @RuizMahdi,

I quite don't understand your question completely. The link you shared is not working for me. Can you please elaborate on your question?