How to manage website and blog content with Prismic

Morning, I would like advice on what the best practice would be to create blog content. There are currently different sites content under to the same repository and those sites will now include blog contents. What would you recommend as the best way to manage this data?

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I'll be happy to help. Which technology are you using to build your project?


Hi Phil,

I am using Reactjs. Just thinking about in the long run if it would it be advisable to create a new repository or there's way to manage the data within the same repository

If it's a website that already use Prismic then you should simply add a blog custom type in the repository and update your website application. Are you the developer on this project?

Yes I am the developer on the project. The website already uses prismic but there are 12 sites using the same repository currently grouped by collections for the normal content. I also thought of just creating the blog custom type within this repo, just wasn't sure if it's really good practice to add the blog content there as well

It's not recommended to run multiple websites from the same repository, really it should be 1 repository = 1 website.

If you're making a blog for a new website, then you should create a new repo. Though if you're adding a blog to one of the existing 12 websites then I'd add it to that repo.

I would advise you to begin breaking this repository up in to multiple ones, because if you make a mistake in one custom type you'll break all twelve websites. It make sense in terms of separation of concerns.

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