Multiple vs Single Prismic repo for one single domain


We have this project where there are three possible variations of the site based on the country and using one single domain. The country is being managed within the path, e.g., domain_name/country_abbreviation and so depending on the country, some pages might vary in terms of layout and content. We are wondering what the most suitable approach would be, either using one single Prismic repository for handling all the three variations or splitting each variation into a single Prismic repository. We consider that the first approach would be enough, but we're not sure if that's the appropriate way of doing it, since the second approach would be better in terms of separating the content, so editors are less prone to make mistakes. However, we don't know if it is possible to have three different endpoints for one single Next project. Is there any way to do this? and if so, could you give us an example?

Thank you in advance :smile:

I am in a similar situation but besides having multiple countries (up to 40) I also have multiple different Apps / Microsites I manage. We decided to do all of them with 1 Repo as you still have lots of content that is shared across countries or apps (e.g. Header & footer information).

Managing 3 different Repos for 3 languages seems not the right way in my opinion as you will create lots of dublicates.

Also since prismic offers an unlimited amount of Custom Types, you don't really have to be careful that you end up reaching a certain limit there. I would suggest only considering 1 Repo and rather think through how you could split the content into useful & clear Custom Types and Slices (and Slice variations)

The only real downside of 1 Repo would be that editors would have access to change the content in all languages. This can only be avoided by upgrading to a higher Plan which allows restricting access to certain locales.

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I'd recommend using only one repository and taking advantage of the localization feature. You can add as many languages as needed, and as @matthias.ackeret says, you can add unlimited Custom Types.

Another factor that can help separate content modeling to use cases are Slice variations when using Slice Machine. This way you can have a single Slice with the necessary changes that fit each language.

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