I'm trying hard to setup a CMS for my Astro project but it is showing opinioned set of options :(

I'm new to Prismic and got to know bout it while watching a video recording on integrating Astro Framework with Prismic. Sadly it doesn't cover how to setup Prismic so I couldn't find a way to setup one with Astro. All I see is Next, Nuxt and React! Anyways, since there wasn't any other options, i choose to go with Next and see if i can later modify it but its again showing Next based installation instructions :frowning:

Can I know if it is possible to setup Prismic for Astro and possibly show any directions doing it?

Thanks in advance :pray:

Hello Zeeshan,

We don't have documentation on integrating Astro Framework with prismic. We are already tracking it as a feature request to create complete documentation on it. For the moment, we have the video created by Alex (our devexp lead) that shows how to set up Prismic. It might be helpful for you.

Let me know if you have any follow-up questions.