Prismic integration without JS framework


I'm trying to find out if Prismic will work for me and my need and was guided to post here.

I specialize in html, js and css (the visual side of it) and my end product would be a directory with .html files, css, js (jquery, for instance) and other assets, that would be uploaded via ftp.

I've seen a lot of examples showing how to integrate Prismic using different JS frameworks, but is it possible to integrate Prismic with my current workflow (without resorting to a framework, etc)?

I've saw a blog post regarding this ( but, since the post is 6 years old, I would like to ask if it's still a viable solution and/or if there is a better / updated way to do it, without resorting to a different framework and/or change my current workflow.

Thanks in advance.

Hello Dany, sorry for the long wait.

It is true that our focus will always lean towards developing with Frameworks, we always try to keep the documentation as updated as possible because these are the tools that devs work with and chose from the most.

But this doesn't mean that you cannot use Prismic with VanillaJS, you can still fetch the API of your repository and use the predicates that you'll need to query your data, but, this will require you to install dependencies, for this you'll need a node_modules folder at the project level. Then you'll be able to query with REST or with GraphQL. Afterwards, you can use Webpack to bundle your code with your dependencies, and use require or import the needed modules for each page.

I highly recommend that you take a look at our documentation and maybe select a React framework that interests you. This way you can also work with Components, which work seamlessly with the concept of Prismic Slices!

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