Using prismic as a content CMS without any styling

Hey all!
I am looking for a CMS where I can have some non technical people write content, and insert that content into my next app without any extra styling or need for pages / hosting and all that.
I was wondering if using prismic is a good approach for this?
Would this be covered under slices?

Hi @aaron2 ,

If I understand what you're saying correctly, Prismic is exactly what you're looking for. Prismic does not force any styling on your content. You define the content input fields for your writers, and Prismic outputs the content as simple JSON for consumption by your app.

Slices are part of this; they allow you to build dynamic page layouts. (Though you do not need to use Slices to accomplish what you're describing.)

What technology are you using? If you tell me, I can send you some resources for getting started.


Appreciate the reply! It's quite hard to figure out reading through the website but I assumed people have needed this before!

We just have a very basic nextjs site at the moment, hoping to start producing some different landing pages / testing some different content. And it would be great to set up a CMS so the non technical staff could write the content without the need for the developers to get involved copying&pasting some text into a component.

I have tried a different CMS that was making it difficult to use with our layout and components and styles. It takes quite some time to get invested in a tool and thought I would reach out to the community before I took the plunge, so thanks for your response!

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@aaron2 Awesome! Let me know if there's anything else I can do to help. In case you haven't already seen them, here are some example sites with Next.js: