Images not showing up

I'm developing a website with nextjs and my images are not showing up on the website when I reach a certain number of images. I have made two pages with the same images.

The page below has all the images and they are not showing. I can however see them in the console but they are not showing up in the UI

The page here below has fewer images and they are showing up. However if I add one more image they disappear like on the page above

The github slice is here :

Does someone know what is happening ?

Hi Stefan,

Having looked at your website and seeing the Prismic URLs rendered along with the correct HTML, I can suppose that this looks like a big problem related to the lazy loading you've implemented in your project. (This was earlier, I'm now getting server errors on your links)

I'm not a Next.js expert, so I would think the best place to find a solution to this might be the Next.js community on Discord:


It was my animation wrapper that was causing the problem :sweat_smile:

Just changed it to a regular div container instead and voila it works like magic. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!

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