My image component is displaying the wrong image coming from Prismic (ReactJS/NextJS/Prismic)

My Image tag on Nextjs <img src={imageComingFromPrismic.url} > is displaying the wrong image. In my prismic slice, I am using a reputable data (group) which has two items, each item contains an image, for some reason as I map through my items array in code

it displays the two images as the image from the first image, please help, is there something wrong within code. or within prismic

Hi @accounts7, I'm sorry that you're having trouble with this. Hopefully we can get it sorted out quickly :slight_smile:

Can you send me the following things so that I can troubleshoot what might be going on here:

  • The Url of your Prismic repository
  • The query you're making to Prismic where you see this issue
  • A little bit more of your rendering code that you sent

If you don't want to share your Prismic repo URL publically, you can send me a private message. Once I have these, I'll be able to take a look and see what might be the issue here.

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