Integration field – Fetch Error


This might not be a Prismic related issue but wanted to make sure it wasin't realated to the integration field.

When i'm deploying the site on Netlify i sometimes (random) gets a "socket hang up" Anyone in here having the same issue? That has any leads on how to fix it.


Hi Kristian,

Can you send me the full query where you're getting the FetchError?

If you don't want to send it publicly, you can share it here:


Hey Phil thanks your quick response.

Here is my query

$prismic.api.getByUID('projects', params.uid, {
  fetchLinks: ['clients.title']

Thanks :slight_smile: Can you also send me the full link referenced here?

Hey Phil, sorry for not getting back been very busy. Here is the url.

FetchError: request to[[at(my.projects.uid%2C%20"save-the-survivors")]] failed, reason: socket hang up

Hey Phil, Just checking in on this thread any ideas of what causing this problem. Thanks Kristian

My apologies Kristian,

I've checked all our logs, and nothing on our side indicates what this could be.

It seems it might be a Netlify related issue:

I guess you're not caching the ref or anything like that?

Hey Phil, thank you for your reply. Netlify is saying is a Prismic issue:) Not sure whats going on but i think it could have something to do with the Vimeo API integration field? Are there any resources/guidelines about how to handle the Vimeo API when there is +100 videos? I wrote the node script a while back and sure there is a updated/better way of doing this.

You're sending a request to a server and the request times out, so, the "socket hang up" error is raised. You can try to handle it using a try/catch block.

You can then retry the request or queue it for it to be retried at a later point in time.