Socket errors using the GraphQL API

Hi! We’ve been experiencing lots of network errors lately using the GraphQL API. We’ve developed a static site using nuxt.js, and during static generation we get lots of errors such as:

Network error: request to failed, reason: socket hang up


Error: Network error: request to text failed, reason: Client network socket disconnected before secure TLS connection was established

Are you aware of this? This is highly impacting our sites and are starting to receive complaints from our clients.

Site is built on Netlify, but these errors have been happening locally as well.

We’ve added a retry mechanism, but we don’t think it’s the right solution anyways.


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Hi Team,

I really sorry we missed this one.

Can you tell us which development kit your using to query the graphql API?

Can you maybe share with us one your github repos so we can investigate more?

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