Integration fields time out when syncing


When adding a new integration field, the integration field will not sync. It shows the spinning loading symbol and eventually shows an error and indicates a timeout. The data from the api endpoint is in the same format as other integration fields that are working as expected, and existing endpoints continue to sync successfully. I first noticed this on Friday afternoon last week and have not successfully added a new integration field since then.


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Can you please share with us the error you are getting as well the repository name (In a private message if necessary)?

Also, it would be great if you can share a screen recording of the issue that you are facing.

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This issue has been handled privately, if you have a similar issue please Flag to open it.

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The problem was resolved, and the issue was the length of the Integration Field name. It should not exceed 36 characters. We've opened a ticket to make the error more explicit for admins.

Hi! I get the same error while trying to do the sync. I don't have any fields that exceed 36 chars. Is it possible to have more details on the error? Thanks

my endpoint exposing the catalog details:

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I will try to reproduce this issue on my side, can you please share with me (in a private message your repository name) as well as the endpoint that you are trying to pull data from?

A quick question have you tried to remove the <p> tag from the description?

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This issue has been handled in a private message, this issue was because this endpoint was password protected.