Manually update Integration Field data

Hi Prismic,

We're using Shopify integration for some product info.
In our case, we need some information to refresh in a certain sale period, and sometimes it needs to be accurate.
We know that the integrated data will sync every 30 minutes, and also learn that there is a new feature to refresh the data right away, are we able to activate this feature?


Hello @phillip_pan, thanks for reaching out. I'm not sure if this is accurate.
Could you show me the resource where you found this information?

Hi Pau,

I found related information in this post.
Prismic's progress page.
In the "Shipped" tab, which I think means it is an active feature,
look for the card named “Integration field Write API - Refresh your data right away”.

P.S. We are currently in a sales period and this is somehow urgent, we hope to activate this feature in the next few days. :sweat_smile:


Thanks for the clarification!
You should already see this in your repository. Go to Settings > Integration fields. You should see this page

If you don't see it please send me the URL of your repository so I can activate it for you.

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