Intregration field catalog refresh


I have made some changes to our API some months ago (adding a new JSON property), that is connected to integration fields. I see that the catalog is still holding onto the old data, despite thousands of successful syncs. I'm guessing its cached based on updated date.

Is there a way to force a refresh of the catalog, or to clear out the existing catalog and resync it? I see no mention of this in the documentation.


Hello @matt2, thanks for reaching out.
There are 2 different connectors for Custom APIs. One that automatically syncs every 30 minutes and the one that uses the write API. For Shopify, there is only one, and it syncs about every 30 minutes or so.

OK. Thats good to know, I had forgotten about that. Push vs pull. I'm currently using the automatically syncing one (pull) that is set up in the repo setting. It's mostly working fine, and hands off is nice.

Am I correct in the caching behavior—based on updated at timestamp?

Are their behaviors different in regards to caching/cache invalidation?

I need a way to clear out the old data and make sure the integration fields have the latest JSON serializer data whenever I make a change. Ideally I'd be able to do a force rewrite through a button in the settings where it would overwrite the cached values with whatever the api returns.

If you're using a Custom API, the change should be immediate. Can you show us an example of the error?

I'm not seeing an error raised, When I fetch an document, I'm seeing the slice that uses the integration fields data is from an old outdated serializer.

Here is an example:[[at(my.article.uid%2C%20"best-lures-for-catching-bass-on-lake-okeechobee-in")]]

On the first result > data > body > first slice > primary > fishing_report, you will not find a technique property (the newly added one). However, the API that the integration field is using returns it in the blob.

"style": {
    "id": 153,
    "name": "soft_body_large_swimbaits",
    "display_name": "Soft Body Swimbaits (Large)"
"technique": {
    "id": 153,
    "name": "soft_body_large_swimbaits",
    "display_name": "Soft Body Swimbaits (Large)"

If you're saying there is no caching done by the latest_update in the API, then something else is responsible. Do documents hold onto their integration field data from the time they were published? I need to understand how we will manage changes over time.

Is there any update on this? I need to understand more about how integration fields and data work.