Problem with integration fields (Shopify)

I have a problem with my Shopify integration field.

I use prismic to enrich product data from Shopify. I have a model "product" with a Shopify integration field.
Now I have a product object with a product connected, which is deleted in Shopify.
It however is still connected and gives no error. The new product I added in Shopify with exactly the same name is not available in the Shopify product list.
Now I have 2 questions:

What is the process of having products connected which are no longer available in Shopify?


Why does a product with the same name not sync with my integration field? the sync gives no errors.

Thanks in advance

Hi Mathijs,

Welcome to the Prismic community.
I will gather some information & do some tests and get back to you,


Any updates ? There's some new items on Shopify and they will just simply not show up in the product list on prismic. like the sync just stopped working. The changed names won't update, old products won't be removed, new products won't be added.

If you need any more information from me, let me know.

Hi Mathijs,

Can you share with me (in a private message, if necessary your repository name) to investigate this issue?

Looking forward to your reply,

Got the email, thanks

Hi Mathijs,

I'm taking this thread over from Fares to help you debug this. Can you tell me the ID of the products item which are:

  1. Not being deleted
  2. Not being added

To answer your earlier question, the older pull Shopify connector is updated every 30 mins. If you are using the newer custom write Integration fields API, this is updated immediately with a Push from your side. These are both discussed here:


For example, I just updated the price of a product from 950 to 975. It says it just synced in Prismic. But when I query the data, it's still 975. Product name is Waterluxe Duo 7.

We are probably going to switch to Push the data manually by our own API to Prismic next week, because this is not working..

Hi @mathijs ,

I'm going to take over and try to help troubleshoot this with you.

First of all, have you double-checked your Shopify integration settings, to make sure you have the correct endpoint? It might seem obvious, but this has caused errors for users in the past, so it's good to make sure.

You said that your repo says it has just synced. Can you send a screenshot of the webhook, with the successful sync message?


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