Shopify integration error

When I try to connect with shopify it throws me an error at synch.
I'm not sure whats going wrong. Could be either the endpoint or the cataloge name. Can somone guide me through this?

Hello Sadiki,

Thanks for reaching out to us.

Have you given ' all access' to 'Integration fields' when creating your Shopify app? Make sure that all the Admin API permissions are set to Read Access or Read and Write access.

We have an Integration field troubleshoot guide. This guide might be helpful for you.


Hi @Priyanka

I have enabled all the access, but I think I don't understand the custom type part.

Is this referring to slicemachine or is this inside Shopify? I don't see where I can adjust this or where to grab it from?

Thanks for reaching out to me.

Hello @sadiki

This is about the Custom API not about the Shopify integration.

Are you getting any errors when you sync the Shopify catalog? Make sure the API key, password, and shared secret all are correct.

Hi @Priyanka

It is unclear where to find the shared secret. all I have at this point is the API key and password? Any suggestions for where to find it ?

Please watch this video to get credentials from Shopify: Set up Integration Fields - Prismic

Hi @Priyanka

I watched the video but I'm sure everything is on read acces. The video also seems to be outdated. They changed some things at Shopify sinds January 2022. I could'nt find the enable button it might be now default.


I have 0 integrations working at this point I'm lost. Surely there must be a easy way to connect API to code base?

Hi @sadiki,

Priyanka will be off for some days, and I will take over.

I will try to troubleshoot this issue, and it seems that the problem is not related to the custom type as the sync is not working in the first place.

So if you hover over the error do you get any error? Knowing that there must be some logs either from Shopify or Prismic side.

Here are the required fields from a working Shopify-Prismic integration

And if you can share with me the repository name, I can try to pull the logs from our side.

Looking forward to your reply,

Hi Fares,

It's throwing me this error:

I can't seem to figure it out.
This is the repo:

I really want to try the integration but either in the explanation it's not obvious enough or I'm just that stupid

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Ok, thanks for the info.
I will investigate and get back to you.

Hi @sadiki,

Have you managed to figure this out, or you still need assistance?