Is Slice Machine upgrader confined only to one environment?

I'm preparing to upgrade a Prismic environment to the latest version of Slice Machine, following this tutorial:

I have three environments: a prod, a dev, and a third space I spun up to test out this upgrade process. All three are available from the environment toggle in the lower left of my dashboard.

I've set the Prismic slug in my tech stack, a NextJS app:

My concern is: When I run the upgrade command, is there any chance of it disrupting the other environments? I only want to upgrade one of my spaces, not all three.

Thank you!

Hi Robert,

Alex from Prismic Solution Engineering team here.

Quick answer is no, only the envs you will push your changes to through SliceMachine will be impacted.

With SliceMachine all Prismic config is in your codebase (model.json for slices, index.json for custom/page types), and the upgrade tool simply edits these when upgrading a slice, adding the link between "PreviousSlice" and "UpgradedSlice" so that the PageBuilder and the API can - behind the scenes - preserve content.
So only the envs you will push your models to from SliceMachine, will be impacted by the upgrade process.

In order to make sure you are pushing to the right env I recommend you make sure to have the latest SliceMachine package because this allows you to switch environments directly from SliceMachine (removing the need to manually editing slicemachine.config.json) see more in fo here : Environments - Documentation - Prismic
With this new version, you just need to have your prod repo in slicemachine.config.json, SliceMachine will create an env var in .env.local to smoothly handle env switching for you through the UI.

Have a lovely day

ps: I think you already got an answer from your Custom Success Manager, but posting here for visibility.