Is there any way to add to existing repo?

I had to shuffle some stuff around after a failure on my Next project, and I can't re-install the theme to get everything back working again without deleting the entire repo and installing fresh. PLEASE - tell me there's a way for me to install the theme and then connect it to my existing repo after the fact? Is there something I'm missing?

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You can connect an exist repo to a theme easily. Instead of using the theme command on the Github URL, just use git clone github-url then edit the api endpoint in the prismic-configuration.js file or the sm.json file by adding you existing repo URL.

Let me know if you need any more assistance with this.


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When you say git clone github-url are you referring to my codebase, or the prismic github? I have my project synced locally right now, and prismic is installed and set up (technically), but I can't seem to get slicemachine to work, so I had to basically destroy it to re-add it. Essentially - What would one do after the prismic login step?

I keep getting an error that says [slice API] Unauthorized.

OK, I was referring to the github like:

git clone

From what you saying it sounds like your repository doesn't have Slice Machine activated, if you give me you repo URL I can activate it for you.

It was active, but my sm.json file had a bad apiEndpoint in it. Once I fixed that, it seemed to fix everything. I really there was a command to bring an existing repo in through the cli. This install path is very convoluted, I'm afraid.

Yeah, I think you're right, I need to update this.

For Next.js we currently have:

  • Start from a sample project
  • Start from a Boilerplate
  • Configure a project automatically

Whereas for Nuxt.js we have:

  • Start from a sample project
  • Start from a Boilerplate
  • Configure a project automatically
  • Configure a Project Manually

It's this last one 'Configure a Project Manually' that would have helped you in this situation so I'll add this to the backlog to create this document for Next.js.

Thanks for the feedback.

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I appreciate it. Thanks!

This is being tracked in our documentation backlog, we'll update you here once this is published.