Slice Machine Iteration 30 June 2020 - Setup repo with your custom library, Next.js Documentation, New components


We released a week ago the support of Next.js for Slicemachine. This means three main changes. A new SliceZone specifically build for Next.js, a Set of components for React, and some tweaks to our CLI to set up a next.js project properly.

We announced this release during an online meetup with Vercel. Want to catch up, watch it here.

You can also find the complete readme here :

For the two weeks to come, here are the planned improvements that we will work on:

1 - Setup a repo with your custom library.

We will create a new argument for the prismic sm --setup command allowing you to specify your custom library.

prismic sm --setup --lib my-npm-dep

This command will:

  1. Generate a new repository and configure your project to be linked to your newly created repository
  2. Download your custom library as a dependency
  3. Import your custom slices in your first created custom type.

You can find all details here:

2 - Two new component for the vue-essential library

We are working on improving the Vue-essential library by adding new components. The first one will be the Feature testimonial component

3 - Next.js documentation

Now that we released on our next.js support we will work on providing complete documentation for next directly on our website.

We know that the wait is unbearable so you can find a proper readme here for the moment

I hope that all this gets you excited because we are.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask them here.
If you have any issues or feature request don’t hesitate to create an issue on the Slicemachine GitHub repository.

We are providing details on what we are working on and how.

See you there :wink:


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