Nextjs guide is erroneously pulling vue/nuxt packages

Hi - I'm following along the guide for Next.js. The prismic sm --setup command is supposed to:

  • This option on the command will automatically connect our default Component Library and add any dependencies necessary to use the tool. This is done by adding extra configurations to your next.config.js file.

However nothing is being added to my next.config.js. I went to an example, that doesn't use slice machine, and pulled this in manually:
target: 'serverless', webpack(config) { config.resolve.modules.push(path.resolve('./')); return config; },

I'm not sure if that's the same thing the prismic sm --setup should be injecting or not. Please advise.

Also, in the sm.json file, it's generating this:

Notice the 'vue'. I'm using Next.js.

Also, the sm-resolver.js file is not being generated, as the guide says it should.


The issue seems to be that it's adding the VUE version instead of the nextjs version. I followed the instructions in the Next.js guide.


Tried it on my linux machine and it worked. I was using WSL2 prior (windows machine).

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Hello @webadmin, welcome to the Prismic Community, and thank you for sharing your case and the updates.

Do you know what prismic and node versions are installed in your machine? this is also helpful to know when debugging Slicemachine projects, you need the latest version of the two.

Let us know if we can help you with anything else

Hi Paulina,

I followed the guide step by step - but my machine for some reason wasn't throwing the warning for the new version of the CLI.

The docs still say to use this:

I'm now using

Thank you, opening up a different ticket now for the next.config file :sweat_smile:

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Thanks for letting me know about this, I'll make sure we update the documentation to recommend the correct CLI version!

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