Troubleshooting: Slice Simulator


In case you run into installation issues, here are some tips.

../.slicemachine/libraries-state.json does not exist
You need to run npm run slicemachine at least once before launching npm run dev.

Some dependencies are missing
Installation failed, try re-installing.

We can’t connect to the Simulator page

  • Make sure your project is running with npm run dev.
  • Check the value is correct in your sm.json, (eg. http://localhost instead of localhost).
  • This could be caused by accessing the wrong port.
  • Check the slice-simulator.jsx route
  • The slice-simulator.js filename is arbitrary, it can be anything you want for example _test.js or _components.js, as long as you specify it as shown in the next step.

Can’t find “localSliceSimulatorURL”
Update the sm.json file
In the sm.json add the property in the shape of http://localhost:PORT/PATH.
PORT = port on which the next.js project is running. PATH = path to the file created above.

:warning: Some versions of Webpack fails to resolve ESM modules correctly, to mitigate that, update the import to use CJS instead:

import { SliceSimulator } from "@prismicio/slice-simulator-vue/dist/index.cjs";

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