Live Preview error in Next.js

Following the tutorial for the live preview alpha for Next.js, I'm getting errors without any follow up messaging whenever I add a slice simulator page url.


	"adapter": "@slicemachine/adapter-next",
	"libraries": ["./slices"],
	"localSliceSimulatorURL": "http://localhost:3000/slice-simulator"


import { SliceSimulator } from '@slicemachine/adapter-next/simulator';
import { SliceZone } from '@prismicio/react';

import { components } from '../slices';

const SliceSimulatorPage = () => {
	return <SliceSimulator sliceZone={(props) => <SliceZone {...props} components={components} />} />;

export default SliceSimulatorPage;

Thanks for the feedback @ianboyte. We'll send this information to the education team

This was both local and on our test environment.

Hi @ianboyte ,

I'll be happy to help debug this with you.

Can you provide us with more information on the error you're seeing?
Are you seeing any errors in the console of your browser or in your terminal?
Are you running a Prismic content preview in your browser at the same time?

Any other info will be useful.